Egypt, France enhance environmental collaboration

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Egypt’s Minister of Environment, Yasmine Fouad, engaged in discussions with the French Ambassador to Cairo, Eric Chevalier, focusing on enhancing bilateral cooperation on environmental concerns.

During their dialogue, Fouad highlighted Egypt’s commitment to climate change and biodiversity, citing the country’s successful development of natural reserves. This initiative is part of Egypt’s broader strategy for ecological transformation, achieved through collaboration with local communities and the private sector.

Fouad emphasized the ongoing partnership with the French Development Agency, particularly in projects aimed at industrial pollution control and the introduction of a climate financing system to aid national banks.

Looking ahead, Fouad seeks to leverage these accomplishments to further industry and climate cooperation, with a special focus on achieving carbon neutrality in the petroleum and industrial sectors.

“The shift in perspective towards the environment, from being seen as a luxury and a barrier to investment to a vital necessity and an investment driver, has been profound. Our bio-economy strategy and the launch of the first Environmental and Climate Investment Forum exemplify this transformation, paving the way for new investment avenues,” she elaborated.

The discussions also touched upon the Blue Mediterranean Partnership, with Fouad expressing the desire to create a nature fund in collaboration with national banks and development partners. This initiative aims to foster a series of biodiversity conservation projects with the private sector, ensuring mutual benefits.

Ambassador Chevalier commended the Minister’s dedication to climate issues and expressed eagerness to continue collaboration in this area, as well as in industrial pollution control and climate financing projects.

He also expressed support for joint efforts in carbon neutrality, a field of growing significance in France, and lauded Egypt’s approach to reframing environmental discourse, which is anticipated to attract further partnerships and investments from the private sector.

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