Giza Systems Foundation, EdVentures partner up to boost social startups

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Giza Systems Foundation (GSF), the social responsibility arm of Giza Systems, and EdVentures, the leading edtech-focused venture capital firm under Nahdet Misr Group, have launched an innovative partnership to foster innovation and accelerate the growth of impactful startups. This collaboration marks a new era in supporting social startups and enhancing their social impact.

Through this partnership, GSF and EdVentures will leverage their expertise and resources to nurture social startups, creating an environment that enables their growth and magnifies their positive influence on society. The collaboration transcends traditional partnerships as both entities commit to sharing their pipelines, creating a dynamic flow of information and resources.

The programme offers several key benefits, such as equipping startups with essential tools for investment readiness and investor matchmaking. This ensures that startups are well-prepared to access funding opportunities effectively. Additionally, customized entrepreneurship training sessions will provide vital skills and knowledge to empower entrepreneurs for success. To demonstrate their commitment to personalized support, the programme also offers one-to-one expert mentoring sessions, where startups receive tailored guidance and insights to navigate their unique opportunities and challenges.

“We are excited to start this collaborative journey with GSF,” said Dalia Ibrahim, founder and CEO of EdVentures. “By combining our strengths and resources, we can create a powerful ecosystem that supports social startups and helps them flourish. This partnership reflects our shared commitment to driving innovation and making a positive difference in the community.”

“As an ecosystem aggregator that strongly believes in the power of collaboration, GSF’s partnership with EdVentures showcases our dedication to driving impactful change and fostering a culture of sustainable innovation in our community,” said Shehab El Nawawy, founder and CEO of Giza Systems (GSF). By pooling our resources, we are ready to cultivate a dynamic ecosystem that nurtures social startups and amplifies their impact, paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future.”

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