Egypt’s structural reforms, sustainable development: What to expect from upcoming Capital Markets Summit

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Media Avenue will organize the eighth edition of the annual Capital Markets Summit on 26 February at the InterContinental Semiramis Cairo Hotel. The summit will focus on the theme of “Structural Reforms for Sustainable Development” and explore the various measures taken by the Egyptian government to enhance the performance of all economic sectors and achieve sustainable growth.

The summit will feature multiple sessions covering different topics, such as:

·        The role of the private sector in implementing the structural reforms and finding sustainable solutions for the current challenges.

·        The importance of the capital markets in facilitating the financing needs of the government and the private sector, as well as introducing new instruments to diversify the economy and attract investments, such as the local carbon market.

·        The cooperation with the International Monetary Fund to launch a new reform program that includes financial and structural reforms, such as changing the fiscal policies, adopting inflation targeting, and offering state-owned enterprises to the public.

·        The challenges faced by the companies in various sectors due to the high-interest rates and the fluctuation of the foreign currency, and how the capital market instruments can help them reduce the financing costs and hedge against the risks of rising raw material prices.

·        The initiatives of the Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority and the Egyptian Exchange to foster more innovation and digital transformation in non-banking financial activities, and to provide the sector companies with the tools to overcome the market challenges and mobilize more funding.

·        The opportunities presented by the voluntary and mandatory carbon markets that Egypt has launched or is planning to launch, and how they can attract more foreign direct investments to the country. The summit will also discuss the readiness of the investors to trade carbon certificates and the potential of the green hydrogen projects that have received significant foreign investments recently. The Suez Canal Economic Zone will participate in the summit to showcase its role in attracting such contracts.

The Capital Markets Summit is a leading event that brings together experts, policymakers, investors, and business leaders to discuss the latest developments and trends in the Egyptian economy and the capital markets. The summit aims to provide a platform for dialogue, exchange of ideas, and networking among the stakeholders.

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