Russia, Asia Experts Discuss Cultural, Humanitarian Cooperation at Pushkin Institute Session

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The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute hosted a landmark international expert session titled “Russia-Asia: Cultural and Humanitarian Dimension of Cooperation,” on Monday, January 29th. 

The event was the first large-scale collaboration between ANO Pro.Asia and its partners, brought together experts from Russia and across Asia to discuss strengthening cultural and humanitarian ties, TV BRICS reported.

Setting the Stage for Collaboration:

Natalia Trukhanovskaya, Rector of the Pushkin Institute, opened the session, highlighting the importance of building bridges between Russia and Asian nations. Alevtina Koldunova, Executive Director of ANO Pro.Asia emphasized the meeting’s goal: “to identify opportunities for strengthening these crucial humanitarian ties and discuss projects for developing the Russian language in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.”

Diverse Voices, Shared Goals:

The session drew participation from prominent figures like Yuri Kopylov (Director of International Cooperation, Pushkin Institute), Pavel Kuzmin (General Director, Library of Foreign Literature), and representatives from Vietnam, BRICS countries, and media networks.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Creating Communities: Vietnamese educators called for forming a Southeast Asian “Russians” circle for experience exchange and organizing dedicated courses.
  • Engaging Youth: Pavel Kuzmin stressed the importance of involving young talent – translators, cultural ambassadors, and researchers – as “soft power” for cultural exchange.
  • Building Connections: Tamara Skok, representing the “Modern Russian” project, shared successful experiences connecting Russians in BRICS nations through teleconferences and media networks, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation.
  • Collaborative Solutions: The session identified challenges in education and cultural exchange, paving the way for brainstorming and developing innovative solutions through joint efforts.

Moving Forward:

The “Russia-Asia: Cultural and Humanitarian Dimension of Cooperation” session laid the groundwork for fruitful collaboration between Russia and Asian nations. With diverse perspectives and shared goals, participants identified key areas for partnership, paving the way for stronger cultural and humanitarian ties.

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