China supports Egypt’s efforts in economic and social development: Ambassador

Shaimaa Al-Aees
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Commenting on the visit of the Chinese Foreign Minister and a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee Wang Yi, the Chinese Ambassador to Cairo, Liao Liqiang said that the visit to Egypt and the Arab League has great importance and is the beginning of strengthening bilateral relations in the current year.

The Chinese ambassador said in a press conference held on Wednesday that the visit of the Chinese Foreign Minister to Egypt witnessed intensive discussions with the Egyptian side as well as with the Arab League.

He pointed out that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi met with Foreign Minister Wang Yi and they discussed in depth many issues. The latter conveyed the greetings of Chinese President Xi Jinping to President El-Sisi, with whom he has a relationship of friendship, considering that mutual trust between the two leaders is the basis of the strategic relationship between the two countries.

China is keen to cooperate with Egypt to implement this five-year plan, deepen cooperation in all fields, continue to support Egypt’s efforts in economic and social development, import more distinguished Egyptian products, and encourage more Chinese companies to invest and do business in Egypt, according to the ambassador.

“Minister Wang Yi and Minister Sameh Shoukry said at the joint press conference that this year marks the tenth anniversary of the establishment of comprehensive strategic partnership relations between the two countries. In the past decade, thanks to the strategic guidance of President Xi Jinping and President Al-Sisi, the two countries opened a golden era for bilateral relations. In the future, these relations are headed for a more impressive decade thanks to the leadership of the presidents of the two countries,” the ambassador announced.

Liao Liqiang highlighted China’s steadfast support for the efforts of President Al-Sisi in leading the Egyptian people to explore a development path appropriate to national circumstances, and steadfast support for Egypt’s efforts to reject foreign interference, preserve sovereignty and security and development interests, implement independent foreign policy, and play a greater role in international and regional affairs. 

China will be a reliable strategic partner in Egypt’s journey towards development and renaissance, he added.

He further stressed China’s support for Egypt, as a new member of the BRICS group, pointing out that China will be the long-term strategic partner on Egypt’s path towards development and looks forward to cooperating with it.

He noted that cooperation has expanded to include cooperation in excavation and the establishment of an excavation centre for underwater archaeology in Alexandria.

He explained that the meeting also included coordination and communication on regional issues. The two foreign ministers developed a five-year plan for cooperation between the two countries for the next five years. It is a detailed and clear plan that will contribute to pushing relations to a higher level and aligning the Belt and Road Initiative with Egypt’s Vision 2030.

He disclosed, “There is also communication and coordination on regional issues, promoting the import of more agricultural products, and encouraging Chinese tourists to visit Egypt. Additionally, the number of tourists has doubled compared to the pre-pandemic period, and there are 20 round-trip flights weekly between the two countries.”

The two foreign ministers stressed the beginning of a new golden era between the two countries, 10 years after the establishment of strategic relations between the two countries.

The two sides also communicated in-depth about the Palestinian and Israeli conflict and the Red Sea issue, and issued a joint statement on the Palestinian issue, expressing deep concern about the repercussions of the conflict, emphasizing the necessity of a comprehensive ceasefire, implementing the relevant United Nations resolutions, and establishing an effective mechanism for humanitarian aid. Besides, pushing forward the implementation of the “two-state solution” and finding a permanent, comprehensive and just solution to the Palestinian issue, the ambassador has explained.

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