Arab League Secretary-General comments on UN vote, US stance

Sami Hegazi
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Ahmed Aboul Gheit, the Secretary-General of the Arab League, has expressed approval of the substantial support for the United Nations General Assembly’s resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire. He emphasized that the majority vote mirrors global public opinion, while those opposing it are on the less favorable side of history.

Jamal Rushdy, the spokesperson for the Arab League’s Secretary-General, conveyed Aboul Gheit’s remarks, highlighting that the significant backing for the ceasefire underscores Israel’s isolation and reveals its rigid stance, which has led to a disproportionate conflict against civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Rushdy also noted that Aboul Gheit is attentively observing shifts in the United States’ position regarding the conflict, particularly following recent declarations by President Biden. These statements indicate a change, especially in acknowledging the indiscriminate nature of the Israeli military actions resulting in numerous civilian casualties.

Aboul Gheit pointed to the extreme ideological motives of certain Israeli right-wing factions, who are determined to continue the conflict until their objectives of ethnic cleansing or forced displacement of Palestinians are achieved.

He remarked that while there has been a change in the US position, it remains insufficient to halt the ongoing conflict. Aboul Gheit hopes for a stronger moral and political response from the US, urging Israel to cease the violence in Gaza, which he believes will otherwise fuel regional extremism for years to come.

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