Egyptians cast votes on second day of presidential election, turnout varies

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Egyptians headed to polling stations on the second day of their nation’s presidential election, with incumbent President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi expected to secure a third six-year term. The country faces economic challenges and the ongoing conflict in neighbouring Gaza, casting a shadow over the vote.

Three candidates challenged Al-Sisi: Farid Zahran (Social Democratic Party), Abdel-Sanad Yamama (Al-Wafd Party), and Hazem Omar (Republican People’s Party).

Voter turnout varied across the country, with some polling stations experiencing large crowds and others remaining subdued. Heba Wasfi, a 29-year-old engineer voting in Heliopolis, east of Cairo, expressed her civic duty: “Voting is our responsibility, especially during these critical times and with global events unfolding.”

Voting continues from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM local time until Tuesday, with results expected on December 18th. Hazem Badawy, head of the National Elections Authority, announced an unprecedented turnout, exceeding all expectations. He noted, “We had to send additional judges and staff to polling stations in Cairo and other governorates to accommodate the high number of voters.”

Badawy praised the “wonderful and honourable scenes” witnessed in polling stations, emphasising that the second day saw a significant and continuous surge in participation. He confidently predicted, “With one day remaining, I expect even higher turnout than any previous election.”

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