Egypt renews commitment to ceasefire efforts in Gaza, condemns Israeli aggression

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TOPSHOT - A picture taken from southern Israel near the border with the Gaza Strip on December 6, 2023, shows smoke billowing during Israeli bombardment in Gaza amid continuing battles between Israel and the militant group Hamas. Israeli forces were encircling southern Gaza's main city on Wednesday, battling Hamas militants through streets and buildings in some of the most intense combat of the two-month war. (Photo by JACK GUEZ / AFP) (Photo by JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty Images)

Diaa Rashwan, Head of the State Information Service (SIS), expressed Egypt’s deep regret over the breach of the humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip in a Thursday press release.

 The ceasefire, brokered through Egyptian mediation in collaboration with Qatar and the United States, successfully facilitated the release of 240 Palestinian women and children from Israeli prisons. In return, 81 Israelis and 22 individuals of various nationalities held in Gaza were freed. 

Additionally, the ceasefire played a crucial role in facilitating the regular flow of humanitarian aid, relief, and fuel to the besieged population in Gaza.

Rashwan underscored Egypt’s ongoing efforts, in collaboration with its partners, to swiftly return to the ceasefire and extend it for further periods. The goal is to achieve a comprehensive cessation of hostilities, putting an end to the suffering of the Palestinian people. In the interim, Egypt remains committed to cooperating with its partners to expedite the transfer of humanitarian aid and relief to Gaza, actively seeking to increase support to meet urgent needs.

Highlighting Egypt’s stance since the outbreak of the conflict, Rashwan emphasized that the Palestinian issue is a matter of Egyptian national security. Egypt has consistently supported the historical rights of the Palestinian people to establish an independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital, based on the borders of June 4, 1967.

The condemnation of Israel’s policy of collective punishment and rejection of the criminal practices of the occupying army were reiterated. Israel’s intentional targeting of civilians, including children and women, along with infrastructure such as hospitals and schools, remains a source of strong disapproval. Egypt also firmly rejects Israel’s policy of forced displacement in Gaza, considering it a red line that compromises national security and sovereignty.

Rashwan shed light on the dire situation in Gaza, detailing the humanitarian assistance provided by Egypt, including the opening of the Rafah border crossing for individuals and goods. Despite obstacles originating from the Israeli side, Egypt has delivered essential supplies, evacuated thousands, and received hundreds of injured individuals.

Addressing the broader regional context, Rashwan emphasized the interconnectedness of global security with developments in the Middle East. He called on the international community to abandon double standards and take swift and decisive action to halt Israeli aggression in Gaza. This includes applying international and humanitarian laws to hold the occupying army accountable for its actions.

Concluding his statements, Rashwan affirmed Egypt’s unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian people. Egypt will continue to reject and condemn the crimes committed by the Israeli army, actively engaging in political, diplomatic, and humanitarian efforts to bring an end to the conflict and secure the historical rights of the Palestinian people.

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