TCI, SWCC partner to develop Egypt’s first bulk cement silos terminal in Arish Port

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Transcargo International (TCI), a veteran terminal operator in Egypt, has signed an agreement with Sinai White Portland Cement Company (SWCC), a subsidiary of the world’s largest white cement manufacturer, Cementir Holding N.V., to develop Egypt’s first bulk cement silos terminal in Arish Port. The project marks a significant milestone in the cement industry in Egypt and its export capabilities.

The project will enable SWCC, which operates one of the world’s largest white cement plants in the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula, to export its products to different markets around the world. The project will have an annual capacity of more than 200,000 tons of white cement, enhancing SWCC’s competitive position and providing extra logistics capability to meet market needs across the Mediterranean region and beyond.

The project will consist of six cement silos with a total storage capacity of 60,000 tons (10,000 tons each). Two silos will be dedicated to white Portland cement, and four will be used for grey Portland cement. The project aims to streamline the cement export process, reduce costs, and increase competitiveness for Egyptian cement exports.

Mohamed El Ahwal, TCI CEO, said: “This project aligns with our commitment to supporting Egyptian exports by providing specialized logistics solutions across various industries. By building and operating Egypt’s first bulk cement terminal, we expect to achieve cost savings for cement producers in Egypt, making their prices more competitive globally and increasing their market penetration.”

Alberto Barbieri, Managing Director of SWCC, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration with TCI. He also said that Egypt is a key exporter of white cement worldwide and that SWCC aims to expand its presence in global markets, achieving significant growth in export volumes over the next five years. He added that the project is in line with Cementir Holding’s 2030 sustainability roadmap and the Egyptian government’s development plan for Sinai.

The partnership between TCI and SWCC represents a significant step forward in optimizing the cement export process, fostering cost efficiency, and positioning Egypt as a major player in the global cement industry.

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