EFG Foundation partners with aiBANK Foundation, Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation to train nurses at AHC

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The EFG Foundation for Social Development (EFG Foundation), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting sustainable development initiatives, has partnered with aiBANK Foundation for Community Development (aiBANK Foundation) and Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation to bolster the training and qualification of nurses at the Aswan Heart Centre (AHC).

This tripartite agreement, signed on November 27, 2023, aims to elevate the quality of healthcare services provided to patients with cardiovascular diseases, particularly in Upper Egypt.

The AHC nurse fellowship program stands out as one of the most prestigious training programs for nurses nationwide. Each year, 70 nurses are carefully selected from five universities across Egypt to undergo comprehensive training in quality cardiac care using interdisciplinary and participatory approaches.

The program’s remarkable average retention rate of 80% highlights its effectiveness. Upon successfully completing the fellowship, the majority of participating nurses receive employment offers for full-time positions at the AHC. 

Today, some of the hospital’s most senior positions are held by former fellowship alumni. Even those who pursue careers outside the AHC secure highly promising positions in hospitals throughout Egypt.

Mona Zulficar, Chairperson of the EFG Foundation and Chairperson of EFG Holding said, “We are proud to partner with the aiBANK Foundation and the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation in this vital project that will contribute to improving the health and well-being of thousands of Egyptians. This initiative reflects our commitment to supporting the development of the health sector in Egypt, especially in the fields of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, which are among the leading causes of death and disability in the country.”

Hanaa Helmy, CEO of the EFG Foundation and Group Chief Sustainability Officer of EFG Holding said, “This project is part of our ongoing efforts to empower and equip medical staff in Egypt with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide the best possible care to the patients. We believe investing in human capital is essential for achieving sustainable development and social impact.”

He added that their objective throughout this project is to support the training and qualification of nurses working in the treatment centres affiliated with the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation in Aswan and Cairo, spanning a 12-month training period.

Tarek Kabil, Chairperson of aiBANK Foundation and Chairperson of aiBANK, “As we come together today to sign this tripartite agreement with the EFG Foundation and the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation, we mark a significant milestone in our collective efforts to revolutionize the landscape of healthcare and education in Egypt. This partnership symbolizes the power of collaboration in driving positive change, and we are excited to embark on this journey of innovation, impact, and empowerment together.”

 Dina El Gazzar, VP for Development and Fundraising at the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation, “As we join forces with both the EFG Foundation and aiBANK Foundation in this groundbreaking tripartite agreement, we reassert our unwavering dedication to advancing healthcare and education in Egypt.”

He added that this collaboration will help them harness the transformative potential of innovation and compassion to forge a future where improved health and well-being are accessible to all. 

“This partnership is a testament to our shared resolve to deliver enduring, life-changing impact to the communities and patients we serve.” 

The extensive training program applies the most advanced global trends in the field and is conducted internally at AHC, constituting both practical and theoretical elements. 

The program supports newly graduated nurses transitioning from novice to professional cardiovascular nurses. Fellows in this program are trained extensively across the continuum of cardiac care through mentored experience, interdisciplinary rounds, conferences, self-learning modules, and workshops. 

The project is expected to have a positive impact on the quality of healthcare services provided to patients. Additionally, it aims to enhance the professional development and career prospects of the nurses, aligning with the EFG Foundation’s commitment to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all.

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