Israeli army kills 7 Palestinians in West Bank

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At least seven Palestinians were killed on Friday in various clashes with the Israeli army in the West Bank, the Ramallah-based Health Ministry said.

Among the seven dead, two were killed in a bombing by an Israeli reconnaissance plane in the Jenin refugee camp in the northern West Bank, two by Israeli gunfire in the city of Jenin, and two in clashes in the Al-Fawwar camp, south of Hebron city, while another was shot dead during the Israeli forces’ storming of the Qalandiya refugee camp, north of East Jerusalem, according to the ministry and an official of Al-Fawwar camp.

In addition, more than 14 others were wounded in clashes with Israeli forces in various places.
On Friday, the Jenin refugee camp witnessed a massive raid by dozens of Israeli military vehicles and bulldozers, which continued operations for more than ten continuous hours.

Israeli reconnaissance aircraft bombed several sites in the camp, including a citizen’s house, while Israeli forces occupied several houses to deploy snipers.

Palestinian sources said armed clashes broke out in more than one area, during which explosions resulting from the detonation of homemade bombs targeting Israeli vehicles were heard.

The Israeli forces bulldozed infrastructure and roads in the camp and its surroundings and destroyed memorials to a number of slain Palestinians who were killed by Israeli bullets.

The Israel Defense Forces claimed that its troops clashed with Palestinian gunmen and “rioters” in the West Bank overnight and demolished the home of a Hamas “terrorist” allegedly involved in a deadly shooting attack in February.

Since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas conflict on Oct. 7, the death toll of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in the West Bank has risen to 144.

In Hamas-ruled Gaza, the death toll among Palestinians killed by the Israeli army has risen to 9,227, including 3,826 children and 2,405 women, while more than 23,500 others were wounded, as updated by the Gaza-based Health Ministry on Friday.

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