Mountain View Sets New Standards for Life Experiences Built On the Science of Happiness at iCity

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Mountain View has raised the bar for happiness-centric living in iCity, a flourishing community within Egypt’s real estate market. Their commitment extends beyond developing conventional urban communities; they have pioneered innovative concepts aimed at enriching daily life experiences. By fusing inventive real estate solutions with the Science of Happiness, Mountain View has transformed iCity into a place where residents encounter new experiences daily.

Spanning over 500 acres at the heart of New Cairo, iCity has witnessed the development of 3,500 residential units, with 2,500 units already delivered and 2,000 units currently under construction. Among these, 500 units are either occupied or in the final stages of completion.

iCity… Experience Happiness 

For any real estate developer, the flourishing of life within their projects is a source of immense satisfaction. This is precisely what is transpiring in iCity today. Several families have made iCity their permanent residence, while other homeowners are diligently completing their units in eager anticipation of joining this upscale residential community in the heart of New Cairo.

A notable highlight of the vibrant life in iCity is the MV Club, nestled within Club Park, featuring six dynamic sports courts in its inaugural phase. It serves as an intensive training ground for the national Padel tennis team, emerging as a symbol of excellence for the club. The MV Club is a hybrid social and sports club that sets unparalleled standards for engaging in dynamic activity-oriented pursuits. As a hub for family bonding, the club offers an array of children’s activities, including purposeful summer camps aimed at personal development and environmental awareness. Young adults can indulge in their preferred sports, such as tennis, football, and Padel tennis. Even seniors can revel in socializing, strolling, and savoring outdoor ambience.

Creating Varied Life Experiences for Everyone

Recognizing that happiness varies among individuals of different ages and preferences, Mountain View has meticulously designed daily life experiences within iCity. In addition to a comprehensive range of services and amenities, iCity boasts five distinct parks: Mountain Park, Lagoon Beach Park, Club Park, MV3, and MV Park. Each park possesses a unique design and execution, with green spaces encompassing over 25% of the total area.

iCity introduces an innovative concept known as “Activity Pods” for those seeking moments of tranquility away from the city’s hustle and bustle. These areas seamlessly blend peaceful atmospheres with an environment conducive to creativity and productivity, encouraging residents to accomplish tasks, study, or simply relish some leisurely reading. Furthermore, these spaces offer an array of social and sports activities, fostering interaction among residents and contributing to personal skill development. Moreover, iCity features a 15-kilometer-long corniche, inviting residents to savor leisurely strolls or runs at their convenience.

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