EGX organises panel discussions on impact of fintech on money market

Fatma Salah
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The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) organised a promotional event in New Alamein, North Coast, on 18 August, with the aim of discussing the impact of financial technology on the money market, in particular, and non-banking financial services in general. 

The panel highlighted the role of financial technology in increasing financial inclusion rates and digitizing money market operations in order to enhance its efficiency, as well as the expected role of the CORBEH Innovation Hub and Sandbox.

The second activity of the stock exchange related to the promotion of investment opportunities for the business community witnessed the holding of three panel discussions, in which a group of experts and pioneers of financial technology and its applications participated, which dealt with investment opportunities available in non-banking financial fields and the positive role played by the market regulators in including and absorbing the accelerating role of financial technology, which enhances the efficiency of the system and increases its growth rates.

The event reflects the interest of the Egyptian Exchange in the file of financial technology, in light of the growing role it plays within the economic system, especially after the Central Bank announced the issuance of rules for organizing and operating digital banks, and also in light of the recent decisions of the Financial Regulatory Authority to stimulate and encourage efforts to include and absorb financial technology in activities.

The discussions reviewed some of the successful experiences of financial technology companies, especially those that tended to be listed on the stock exchange, and the advantages that accrued to them from the listing, especially increasing their ability to access the necessary funds for expansion of CORBEH and its expected role to support financial technology pioneers in all non-banking financial fields.

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