Cameroon’s Housing Minister visits Egypt’s Maspero Triangle, Magra El-Oyoun, and Le Lac Du Caire development projects

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Cameroon’s Minister of Housing and Urban Development Celestine Kitscha visited development projects in Cairo Governorate during her visit to Egypt on Tuesday. She toured the Maspero Triangle, Magra El-Oyoun, and Le Lac Du Caire, accompanied by Mohamed El-Ghamrawy, head of the Maspero Triangle Development Authority, and officials from the Arab Contractors Company.

Kitscha expressed admiration for Egypt’s efforts to transform unsafe areas into modern, civilized ones that improve the quality of life for citizens. She expressed a desire for technical support from Egypt to develop unsafe areas in Cameroon.

El-Ghamrawy explained to the Cameroonian delegation the efforts made to transform these areas from unsafe areas without basic life necessities and necessary services for their residents to modern, civilized areas that improve the quality of life for Egyptians.

 He noted that the Maspero Triangle region had been a dream for the state for decades and that the Egyptian state, under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, had started developing it. 

The residents of the area have started returning to their new units, which have been implemented at the highest level in residential towers overlooking the Nile directly, where multiple towers with different heights and uses have been implemented.

The Magra El-Oyoun development project aims to develop the area and raise its level within the framework of the state’s efforts to develop historic Cairo and enable it to perform its historical, cultural, and civilizational role. The project includes the implementation of residential buildings, a hotel, and a commercial, administrative, and entertainment mall with restaurants, cinemas, and an open theatre.

The completed Le Lac Du Caire development project transformed the lake from a dump for waste and dead animals to a lake full of life, with green parks on its banks, which serve as a refuge and park for the residents of Cairo. 

It is located in front of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC), which displays an important aspect of ancient Egyptian civilization, and where the royal mummies were transferred in a magnificent ceremony witnessed by the whole world.

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