Irrigation Minister, Egypt’s ambassador to South Sudan review water projects in Juba 

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Egypt’s Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Hani Sweilam has met with Moataz Abdel Qader, the Egyptian ambassador to South Sudan, to review the position of joint development projects between Egypt and South Sudan in the field of water resources.

Sweilam stated that the projects implemented by Egypt in South Sudan aim primarily to serve the citizens of South Sudan, and are considered a successful model for cooperation between Egypt and its African brothers, pointing out that the depth of the Egyptian-South Sudanese relations pushes us to work more on strengthening the bonds of cooperation, integration and investment in various fields. 

The minister emphasised Egypt’s interest in meeting the needs of its brothers in the state of South Sudan through the implementation of several development projects such as the construction of underground drinking water stations to provide clean water to citizens.

He also stressed Egypt’s keenness to build the capacities of South Sudanese cadres through various training courses that are organised through the “African Center for Water and Climate Adaptation” PAN AFRICAN to train brothers from African countries in the field of adaptation to climate change under the umbrella of the AWARe initiative to raise and build capacities in climate-related areas.

Sweilam added that the Egyptian support to the State of South Sudan is not limited only to water resources projects, but also includes the implementation of development projects in various fields, as the last period witnessed the implementation of many fruitful cooperation projects between the two countries in the fields of electricity, health, education, transportation, and the opening of the National Bank of Egypt in Juba.

The minister further stressed Egypt’s keenness to enhance economic cooperation between the two countries, encouraging Egyptian businessmen to contribute to advancing the development and economy in South Sudan and opening the way for Egyptian companies to work in the Republic of South Sudan, especially in the fields of Electricity, energy, petroleum and infrastructure.

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