4 million landline customers with Telecom Egypt convert to prepaid billing system: Sources

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
2 Min Read

About 4 million landline customers with Telecom Egypt were converted to the prepaid billing system, instead of the quarterly billing system, according to sources.

The number of landline subscribers declined by 5.5% in March to 11.68 million in March compared to 12.36 million in February, according to a previous report by the Ministry of Communications.

The sources added that after completing the transfer of customers to the new system, customers will be on a single operating system, which will support the company’s approach to provide integrated products. The sources expected this plan to be completed by next year.

Telecom Egypt making its landline services prepaid will solve the problem of pending money. There will no longer be any non-payment cases. With prepaid services, landline will be cut off once the credit amount is spent.

Telecom Egypt said that the prepaid billing system will allow customers to follow up on their consumption. It added that through this system, any action that is carried out on the landline is clarified by sending short text messages that are sent to the customer’s mobile number, and in the event that the balance is depleted, the customer will not be able to make any calls until after charging a balance in the account.

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