Clashes continue between Sudanese army, RSF for 3rd week despite truce

Sami Hegazi
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Clashes continued sporadically on Sunday between the Sudanese army forces led by Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) led by Lieutenant General Mohammed Hamdan Daglo “Hemedti”, despite the three-day truce. The two sides exchanged accusations over violating the ceasefire deal.

The Sudanese army said in a statement that the RSF moved military columns from the west towards the capital, accusing them of violating the truce.

The statement added that” these convoys were destroyed at dawn on Sunday in the areas south of Al-Zureiba and Al-Muwaileh, and a column was destroyed in the Fatasha area that was in the process of supporting the rebel Mobile Force on Saderat Street.”.

The statement accused the SRF of turning the East Nile hospital into a heavily armed military barracks and a command center for hostile operations after evacuating patients, including critical intensive care cases,

For its part, the RSF in a statement accused the army forces and” extremist remnants of the defunct regime” of violating the declared truce.

“The “coup plotters” attacked the positions of our forces in a number of areas in Khartoum state with cannons and aircraft, in addition to indiscriminate shelling of cannons, and planes are still flying in the skies over Khartoum,” the statement said.

The statement accused the army forces of preparing an attack on the RSF in several areas “after the people’s security battalions in the uniform of the Central Reserve Police joined the army forces in the Shagara street.

Meanwhile, the International Red Cross (ICRC) announced on Sunday the arrival of the first aid shipment by air to Sudan, in light of the continuing battles between the army and RSF.

The shipment, which was sent from Oman, weighed eight tons and” included surgical equipment to support Sudan’s hospitals and Sudanese Red Crescent Society volunteers providing medical care to the wounded who were injured during the fighting,” an ICRC statement said.

The Sudanese people are facing a tragic situation due to the bloody battles between the army and Rapid Support, which have entered its third week, and have led to hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries, who are suffering from the out-of-service of most of the capital’s hospitals.

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