Irrigation Minister, AOI chairman witness signing cooperation protocol

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Egypt’s Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, Hani Sweilam; and Chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI),  Mokhtar Abdel Latif;  witnessed the signing of a joint cooperation protocol to carry out construction, renovation and maintenance works for power stations, irrigation and drainage nationwide.

Sweilam explained that the ministry’s Department of Mechanics and Electricity specializes in many prominent tasks in the field of irrigation and drainage, as it manages and supervises the operation and maintenance of existing irrigation and drainage stations, and supervises the irrigation and drainage pump stations that are being established and plans to establish new stations according to the needs of the water resources system and in coordination with the concerned ministry authorities. the other.

He added that the Department of Mechanics and Electricity plays an important role in meeting the water needs of all sectors through the establishment, replacement and renovation of irrigation and drainage stations and the establishment of new stations.

The minister praised the role of the AOI as the industrial backbone of the Egyptian state and the distinguished expertise it possesses in the implementation of various industrial projects, in addition to its technological competence that enables it to carry out work in accordance with the latest international quality standards, which prompted the ministry to benefit from the manufacturing capabilities of the organization in the field of establishment and development, and renewing all irrigation and drainage stations at the national level.

For his part, Abdel Latif Ali stressed the importance of enhancing constructive cooperation between state institutions and exploiting national manufacturing capabilities to deepen and increase local manufacturing rates, localize technology, achieve industrial integration, increase production capacities and limit imports.

He praised the cooperation with the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in many areas of industry, indicating that it was agreed on cooperation and industrial integration to implement Egypt’s Vision 2030 and manufacture national products with Egyptian raw materials, under the slogan “Made in Egypt”.

He explained that the areas of cooperation aim to deepen local industrialization through the implementation of the construction, replacement, renovation and maintenance work necessary for irrigation and drainage stations, raising the efficiency and maintenance of the stations, and the supply, installation and maintenance of pumps of various types and capacities through the engine factory of the organization.

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