Egyptian-Indian relations advanced to strategic partnership following Al-Sisi’s visit to India: Ambassador 

Nehal Samir
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Ajit Gupti, Ambassador of India to Egypt, said that the common interest on the part of the leadership in both India and Egypt and President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s visit to his country in January 2023 as a guest of honour to attend India’s Republic Day Celebration. 

He added that the visit gave impetus to those relations in various fields, which have now reached the stage of strategic partnership in various fields. 

He stressed that the Cairo-New Delhi relations date back to the era of King Ashoka, Hatshepsut, Gandhi, the Egyptian leader Saad Zaghloul, and the Egyptian leader Nasser and Nehru, and now these relations are living their best ages as a result of constructive cooperation and mutual visits between Officials in Cairo and New Delhi. 

Gupti pointed out the growth of Indian investments in Egypt and the interest of Indian investors to invest in Egypt, where their investments are in the field of pharmaceutical and chemical industries. His Excellency stressed the rapprochement and cooperation between the two countries in various fields.

He expressed his happiness at the spread of the Indian-origin kabaddi sport in Egypt and its spread among Egyptian sports clubs significantly.

Gupti expressed his happiness while watching many matches played by the male and female teams, as well as teams with special abilities of both sexes, which were held at the Arab Contractors Club on the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of Kabaddi Sport, which was organized by the Egyptian Federation of Kabaddi Sports in cooperation with the Indian Cultural Center (Embassy of India in Cairo).

 The celebration was attended by the President of the International Federation of Sports, Ashok Das, President of the Egyptian Federation of Sports of Kabaddi, Osama Hashim.

The Ambassador of India thanked the officials of the Arab Contractors Club for hosting such an event, as well as the Egyptian players, for the enthusiasm he felt in the performance, and indicated that through his participation in the celebration, the sport of kabaddi has a great reputation in India and other world’s countries.

He pointed out that both Egypt and India share sports interests, and many Indian teams visited Cairo earlier to meet with the Egyptian teams in hockey, football, tennis, and many other games.

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