COP27 represents milestone in turning pledges into reality: Shoukry

Sami Hegazi
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Sameh Shoukry, Egypt’s Foreign Minister and President of the climate conference COP27, participated on Tuesday in the virtual ministerial meeting of the forum of major economies on energy and climate, at the invitation of US Presidential Special Envoy for climate John Kerry.

Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid, the spokesman of foreign ministry, said that the meeting discussed the successes achieved during the COP27 conference in Sharm el-Sheikh and ways to build on them in preparation for the upcoming COP28 climate conference scheduled to be held at the end of this year in the UAE.

Minister Shoukry stressed that the Sharm El-Sheikh conference represented an important milestone in the transition from the stage of pledges to the stage of actual implementation of the commitments of various parties involved in international climate action. 

He also explained that the success of international climate action in achieving its goals requires taking into account the concerns of various interested parties to enhance their confidence and involvement in climate action, as achieved during the COP27 conference, which witnessed the establishment of a fund to finance efforts to address losses and damage caused by climate change in the most affected developing countries.

Minister Shoukry also highlighted the appeal issued by the COP27 conference to reform financial institutions and international development banks, in a way that contributes to increasing climate finance and facilitating access to it in parallel with providing concessional grants to support efforts to confront climate change. 

The foreign minister also expressed confidence in the ability of the forum of major economies to play an important role in supporting climate action at many levels.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman revealed that the meeting comes in preparation for the Major Economies Forum meeting on energy and climate at the summit level scheduled to be held next month. 

He explained that the Major Economies Forum was established in 2009 at the initiative of the United States, with the aim of enhancing the ambition of climate action and facilitating dialog between developed and developing countries on energy and climate issues.

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