Environment Minister, Fayoum Governor discuss eco-tourism in governorate

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Egypt’s Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad and Governor of Fayoum Ahmed Al-Ansari held a virtual meeting on Saturday, in the presence of an investor in the Fayoum reserves to discuss supporting eco-tourism activities in the Fayoum reserves.

Fouad stressed the importance of offering various ecotourism activities commensurate with the nature of the reserve and providing a unique and enjoyable ecotourism experience while preserving natural resources at the same time to enjoy the picturesque nature of the reserve. 

This shall be done in cooperation with the private sector to support environmental investment in reserves, especially in light of the ministry’s inauguration of the Environment and Climate Investment Unit, according to the minister. 

For his part, the Governor of Fayoum stressed the importance of supporting environmental tourism investment in Fayoum to open new horizons for the governorate that works to provide job opportunities for the people of the governorate and works to develop it and requirements in this regard.

According to a statement from the Environment Ministry, the investor (whose name was not mentioned) has reviewed a number of proposals to develop eco-tourism opportunities in the Fayoum reserves. 


The Minister of Environment also expressed her agreement on visions with the Governor of Fayoum, stressing the importance of achieving a real development of the eco-tourism experience through a real, easy-to-implement action plan to build upon and gradually increase eco-tourism activities in line with the nature of each reserve.


Al-Ansari pointed out that the governorate is working on developing tourism opportunities with a focus on highlighting the cultural nature and handicrafts of the local community. The coming period will witness the completion of a number of projects that support the development of the eco-tourism experience in the governorate.

The attendees agreed to hold another meeting with the investor to agree on specific points to serve as a starting point for the development of ecotourism in the Fayoum reserves.

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