Transition to green energy is necessary to avoid shortage: Mohamed Nasr

Fatma Salah
2 Min Read

Mohamed Nasr, chief negotiator of COP27, said that accelerating the transition to green energy has become an urgent necessity to avoid energy shortage, stressing its importance on the agenda of COP28.

He added that the transition to green energy has become more difficult with the current increase in inflation, and achieving food and water security has become the utmost necessity at the present time, especially as it faces many challenges.

Nasr added, on the sidelines of the AmCham MENA conference “Accelerating Green Investments”, that the climate change has turned into a developmental issue mainly with a political, economic, commercial, technical and environmental dimension, explaining that it is a very complex issue that is linked and affects all economic sectors, whether trade, industry, agriculture or export, and a transformation of a complete change in the development pattern in its usual form.

He continued: “A complete change in the climate file leads to needs to implement the change, as there is a significant impact of climate changes on developing countries due to their weak capabilities in dealing with changes and climatic events,” stressing that the whole world agreed on the ultimate goal in confronting climate changes, but the difference was in The path to achieving this goal varies from one continent to another and from one country to another.


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