Meta launches My Digital World to secure the online safety of students in Palestine

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Meta has announced the launch of its digital literacy flagship program – My Digital World – in Palestine, in partnership with the Center for Continuing Education (CCE) at Birzeit University and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). By providing youth with the skills they need to safely and responsibly navigate digital spaces, the program empowers students to leverage the infinite potential of an increasingly digital world, while safeguarding their wellbeing.

Mohammad Salameh, Deputy Chief Field Education Programme at UNRWA, commented: “Recognizing the importance of students’ participation and interaction in the digital space, UNRWA seeks to engage in this world and benefit from its potential to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge, in order to maintain their digital security on one hand and develop their competencies that help them interact with their surroundings positively on the other hand. Hence, the importance of the Agency’s schools’ participation with META in working together on this”.

Meta’s partnership with the Birzeit University Center for Continuing Education builds on the Center’s expertise and tested methodology in introducing interactive learning approaches to schools across the West Bank. Meta will support the Center in localizing My Digital World curriculum using the interactive learning objects methodology (iLOBs) to meet the needs of Palestinian refugee students, training up to 100 UNRWA and private school teachers, and reaching up to 15,000 students in 7th, 8th and the 9th grades across UNRWA schools and private schools in the West Bank.
Joelle Awwad, Head of Policy Programs, Meta commented: “A generation of digitally-savvy youth is defining the future of the MENA region. At Meta, we believe that online safety is fundamental to that progress; My Digital World is our commitment to achieve this. We are fully invested in creating a scalable wide-reaching program to address the immediate and compelling need to provide youth with the skills that help them take ownership of their safety and wellbeing as they lead the evolution of our digital ecosystem.”
“We are fully committed to lead the creation of an ecosystem where everyone, especially the younger generation, is capable of protecting themselves from potential risks. Our success as a global community hinges on effective partnerships that widen reach and deepen impact; by placing our experience and digital literacy resources at the disposal of the region’s educators and trainers, we help them to guide youth with the vital information, behaviors, and skills to thrive safely and responsibly in an increasingly connected digital world,” she added.

Osama Mimi, Director of Center for Continuing Education (CCE) at Birzeit University, commented: “Everyone has the right of equal access to knowledge and access to learning. At CCE, we believe that internet is key in the adoption of educational innovations; children must be provided with means by which he or she is able to access appropriate information independently in a digital safe environment in order to learn about any particular curriculum area.

“The need for new digital ways of learning across the entire educational spectrum has become an absolute essential requirement for children to lead and excel in this digital world, and critical for the wellbeing of the entire society. Hence, CCE is placing a significant effort and emphasis on digital safety in partnership with META and UNRWA that will lead to sustainable, scalable and a safe digital educational ecosystem that works for the MENA region,” he added.
Meta is committed to building a safe, healthy, and supportive digital community across the MENA region by empowering youth with the skills they need to take ownership of their wellbeing online, helping them communicate and build meaningful connections while safeguarding their safety, for a positive impact on our communities worldwide.

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