I invite Egyptian entrepreneurs to cooperate with SRTI Park: Chairperson

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Hussain Al Mahmoudi, Chairperson of the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park), said that the nature of the relationship between the UAE and Egypt combines brotherhood and common goals and interests, calling on Egyptian entrepreneurs to cooperate with SRTI Park.

This came during his speech on Sunday, at the opening session of the 26th edition of the Cairo ICT Exhibition and Conference.

He said that the UAE has the Innovation Strategy 2030, which is based on the concepts of the knowledge economy and human development in sectors including transportation, education, tourism and health, pointing out that the complex’s participation in the exhibition aims to ensure the integration of technological technologies, especially as it plays the role of a link between all sectors of the state in activating the system innovation.

He added that the complex also includes the largest laboratories for 3D printing technology in the furniture, plastic and health printing industries. We are also working on research for future suspended trains in cooperation with the State of Belarus

He added that the complex is interested in developing the innovative environment by investing in start-up companies, calling on Egyptian entrepreneurs and developers to cooperate with the complex

Al Mahmoudi indicated that the Cairo ICT exhibition comes in conjunction with the efforts of the governments of the countries in the region to improve the investment environment and support development, and is a prominent event that emphasizes the role of technology in achieving sustainable development goals and the information renaissance in Egypt under the leadership of the political leadership.

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