Family Corp. and Softec aim to operate MOVE in Greater Cairo and Alexandria

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Family Corp. and Softec Technologies target, through their partnership by launching MOVE service, a fully-fledged application for all mobility solutions in Egypt, to pump investments worth EGP 10 million in the coming two years in Egypt.

Earlier, Family Corp. and Softec Technologies inked a partnership agreement to introduce MOVE, a futuristic technology-backed transportation service in Egypt.

MOVE enables commuters to easily book their seats on scheduled bus routes, look up transportation schedules and select the best timings, a service which will make the commuters enjoy reliable availability of seats to desired destinations with easy-to-use payment methods. The schedules are optimized against demand with Artificial Intelligence to deliver a reliable and predictable experience to passengers.

MOVE also modernizes school transportation services by combining bus transportation with a tech setup to assure the safety of children to parents and school management. It helps parents to anticipate estimated times of arrival through a control tower and a parent app to receive ETA alerts as well as continuous optimization of bus routes based on traffic and capacity.

Under the MOVE app, there are three different applications with different functions. The first app is MOVE Commute, which deals with big organizations and companies. It offers commuters the chance to simply request their ride and book on-demand trips with different subscription packages to make their daily commute more affordable. Through MOVE Commute, customers can pay through the app and receive their bus’s ETA within moments.


The second application is MOVE Schools. Through this application, schools and parents can ensure children’s safety during their rides to school. It provides assurances that students went on and off the bus, and sends ETA alerts via push notifications to inform parents about possible delays. It also helps schools manage route plans more efficiently.

While MOVE Courier is a platform that allows couriers to streamline their delivery routes and improve customer experience. The app allows companies to manage their current shipments and optimize delivery routes using AI-backed technologies.

According to Vice President of Family Corp. Waguih Eskandar, MOVE is operating in Greater Cairo and Alexandria governorates, pointing out that his company’s partnership with Softec aims to develop something unique and add significant value to the transportation sector in Egypt.

Meanwhile, Softec CEO Nour Shawky said MOVE launched the commute service in August and the school service in October, adding the courier optimization service will be launched before the end of this year.

“We are very proud of this partnership”, Shawky said, adding: “Family Corp. is a market leader and the most progressive transportation provider in Egypt. This partnership gives us the opportunity to continue doing what we do best, which is introducing tech solutions that have a significant impact and contribute to better services and customer experience.

“For the first time in Egypt, this partnership introduces an advanced transportation service that is properly set up on a technological backbone with a modern fleet tailored to the needs of daily commuters and meets their expectations of quality and reliability,” he added.

About Family Corp.
Family Corp. is a one-stop shop for all transportation needs. Through three main divisions: commute, logistics, and car rental, they carry both people and goods across the country.




It offers a tailor-made and customized service for each client based on their needs and budget with a wide range of vehicles and their owned large fleet. Also, it can solve transportation complexities faced by corporations across Egypt.

About Softec
Softec Technologies is an award-winning leader in Intelligence and Visibility software solutions for transportation, mobility, logistics, last-mile delivery, commercial fleet operations, as well as command and control solutions.
With a dedicated AI Lab and a regional software team, Softec enables logistics, transportation, and fleet operations around the globe to achieve more with intelligent static and dynamic route optimization solutions, delivery control towers and dispatching, courier, and delivery management software solutions.

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