Narrative Summit’s Leap to COP27 underscores banking and private sector’s role in sustainable development

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In the lead-up to hosting the UNFCCC’s Conference of the Parties (COP27), a new episode of Narrative PR Summit’s Leap to COP27 highlighted “The Role of the Private and Banking Sectors in Sustainable Development.”

It comes within a series of interviews with key industry representatives under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment.

The latest episode spoke to Lamise Negm, CSR Advisor to CBE Governor, and Head of the Sustainable Development Committee in the Federation of Egyptian Banks, as well as Ghada Hammouda, Chief Sustainability Officer in Qalaa Holdings and member of the Sustainability Committee of the Arab Federation of Capital Markets.

Narrative Summit’s Leap to COP27 underscores banking and private sector’s role in sustainable developmentOn her part, Lamise Negm explained that “CBE strategy and the banking sector, in general, is at the essence of the government’s plan for economic and social development. It is an amalgamated effort of all government sectors in cohesion to Egypt 2030 vision and parallel to the climate summit scheduled to take place this November, focusing global attention on Egypt and working for the overall interest of the public.”

In a framework of the social responsibility shared by the different entities, Negm pointed out that “the private sector participates in presidential development projects like ‘Decent Life Initiative’ which targets upgrading houses and providing underprivileged sectors in society with their essential needs of water, electricity, schools and hospitals. Not to mention bank efforts to secure job opportunities within this grand development project.”

Speaking for the private sector, Hammouda said that “The private sector has become a key partner for the success of COP27 and achieving sustainable development goals.”

The private sector, she asserts, has greatly evolved and developed, coinciding with the approval of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, which set the global plan for achieving social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

“Hence, all international practices, the private sector, the public sector and civil society institutions are now working within an integrated framework of a comprehensive and responsible development,” she indicated.

Lamia Kamel Founder of Narrative PR Summit
Lamia Kamel Founder of Narrative PR Summit

Having founded and pioneered Narrative PR Summit’s efforts to brand and formulate Egypt’s story, Lamia Kamel, Former Assistant Minister of Tourism and Antiquities for Promotion, said: “I am particularly proud that we have such outstanding women participating in our Leap to COP27 to highlight the key role Egyptian women play in establishing our national identity and achieving sustainability. Women have historically played a key role in protecting national values through their role in the family, being in charge of household responsibilities, practising the different crafts, and up to the highest leadership roles which women currently fill in all private, governmental and banking sectors.”

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