Lebanese PM urges parliament to elect new president in time

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 Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati on Tuesday called for the election of a new president for Lebanon within the constitutional time frame before President Michel Aoun’s tenure ends on Oct. 31, a statement by the Council of Ministers reported.

   “I hope that the parliament succeeds in electing a new president for the country within the constitutional time frame because the challenges facing Lebanon require a strong cooperation among constitutional institutions,” Mikati said at a Beirut forum to discuss difficulties facing Lebanon’s youth.

   As President Michel Aoun’s six-year tenure is about to end, Lebanese politicians have voiced their concerns about no successor being found, warning of greater institutional deadlock in the absence of a new president.

   Lebanon has previously witnessed several periods of presidential vacancy due to political differences among the different parties governing the country. The current situation raises concerns in the country about the possibility of the post being left vacant again while the country grapples with a steep financial crisis.

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