Environment Minister highlights Egypt’s efforts to integrate environment in all sectors 

Daily News Egypt
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Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad affirmed that Egypt is always striving with accelerated steps to integrate the environmental dimension in all sectors of the state with the aim of achieving rational use of natural resources, achieving sustainable development, and a just transition to a green economy.

She added during a workshop organised by the Supreme Committee for Legislative Reform on Monday in the presence of Minister of Justice Omar Marwan that Egypt was one of the first countries that realised the importance of environmental legislation to be imposed to protect the environment. 

Fouad also explained that Egypt, at the national level, affirmed in its constitution the right to the environment, considering its protection as a national duty and obligating the state to take all necessary measures to preserve it.

She stressed that the legislation of several environmental laws in the past three years came with the purpose of protecting the environment and working on its development and sustainability of natural resources, as well as protecting the Egyptian citizen from damages resulting from pollution.

Fouad further mentioned that one of the most important issues that the state pays close attention to is the issue of climate change and the damage resulting from it, noting that the Egyptian state took many measures to confront this issue, including the establishment of the Supreme Council for Climate Change.

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