Egypt to launch tender for 280 Kw solar power plant at Sharm El-Sheikh Museum next week

Mohamed Farag
2 Min Read

The Egyptian government will launch a tender for the construction of a solar power plant at Sharm El-Sheikh Museum on 15 August.

A source in the government told Daily News Egypt that the project’s contracts will be awarded within a week, with the aim to start operation by November when Sharm El-Sheikh hosts the climate summit (COP27).

The source revealed that the new solar station will have a capacity of 280 kilowatts.

Meanwhile, many hotels and tourist villages race against time to install solar panels, in order to transform Sharm El-Sheikh into a green city before the upcoming climate summit.

Sharm El-Sheikh Museum is one of the first antiquities museums to be built in the Sinai Peninsula. The concept for this resort town museum was first conceived in 2006, but construction was only finalized and the museum opened to the public in late-2020.

The various collections on display cover the entire span of Egyptian civilization, beginning as far back as pre-historic times.  The museum has 5,200 artefacts spread across three display halls, and there is a heavy focus on the daily lives of people during the New Kingdom period.

This attention to the daily life of ancient indigenous inhabitants is acutely illustrated in the Grand Hall where visitors can see several different displays that reveal the importance of nature and wildlife to ancient Egyptians, through either sanctity or domestication. In particular, there are numerous mummified animals on display, including cats, crocodiles, eagles, and hawks, as well as statues of baboons and sphinxes. 

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