MSMEDA supports 19,000 project owners in marketing their products with value exceeding EGP 1bn

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Over the past eight years, the Medium, Small and Micro Enterprise Development Agency (MSMEDA) has assisted more than 19,000 project owners in marketing their products by registering in the suppliers’ register of various government agencies and bodies, where they participated in tenders worth over EGP 1bn.

The agency was made sure that the Project Development Law 152/2020 would provide an opportunity for the largest possible number of project owners to expand the marketing of their products and services to various government agencies, as no less than 20% is allocated to contracts with small and micro enterprises.

Heba Nagdy, owner of an advertising company, pointed out that MSMEDA has boosted the volume of its business by nominating it for many tenders, explaining that this made it one of the most important and largest suppliers to major government agencies.

Nagdy believes that government procurement tenders represent a gateway to the growth and development of her enterprises. She added that before MSMEDA paved the way for tenders, the agency’s work was based on presenting products to shops directly for the purpose of marketing.

Amir Hafez, owner of commercial and supply activities, said that he experienced some stagnation in his business due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This made him resort to MSMEDA, which helped him get back on his feet again.

Hafez added that the agency directed him to make use of the special advantages in the Enterprise Development Law, including registration in public and government tenders. He was able to contract to supply masks and rubbing alcohol to one of the major banks in Egypt, which helped him maximize his profits.

He pointed out that he also contracted to supply publications to another bank. He contracted to supply them with publications, annual gift boxes and stationery, stressing that all his products are locally manufactured.

Mohamed Hassan Radwan, owner of a project for decoration works in Cairo, said that he participated in a training workshop organized by MSMEDA, which provided him with a simplified explanation of the articles of the law related to facilitating the benefit of small enterprises from government contracts. This prompted him to take executive measures to utilize the advantages granted to enterprise owners by MSMEDA.

Radwan continued: “I registered for government purchases after I got acquainted with the simple registration mechanisms, and I see that this step opens up a new and large market along the usual market, as contracting to supply larger quantities of goods will help me expand my business.”

The agency stresses that owners of medium, small and micro enterprises can visit its branches in all governorates to learn about the mechanisms for benefiting from this service and how to participate in various government tenders.

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