Egypt’s Civil Aviation Ministry suspends hot air balloons after Luxor incident

Daily News Egypt
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The Ministry of Civil Aviation suspended all hot air balloon activity until an investigation into a balloon accident that occurred on Monday morning in Luxor that resulted in the injury of two tourists concludes.

“All hot air balloon flights are hereby suspended until a committee from the Civil Aviation Authority arrives to investigate the incident,” the ministry said in a statement posted on its official Facebook page.

The ministry explained that earlier in the day, wind speed picked up from three to seven knots after the balloons reached an altitude of approximately 60 metres.

“At this altitude, one of the balloons veered in the direction of another, leading to a rupture in one of the balloons, which then landed… 28 passengers arrived safely, however, two passengers sustained minor injuries,” the statement said.

Hot air balloon trips in Luxor are among the most popular attractions for tourists, especially after the Rams Road was inaugurated in Luxor after its restoration last November.

In 2018, a hot air balloon crashed in Luxor due to bad weather, killing a South African tourist and wounding 12 others.

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