Digital transformation is a key factor that will help achieve Egypt’s 2030 Vision: CommScope

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With Egypt’s ever improving efforts in moving towards smart cities and alleviating their business transformation goals, it is undeniable that digital transformation is a key factor that will help achieve Egypt’s 2030 Vision, said Haytham Rabie — Sales Director of the Egypt Cluster and Africa at CommScope.

“With Egypt’s focus on building a new high-tech capital city in the desert to the east of Cairo, we will start seeing infrastructure and security control centres, cashless payments, and sustainable power supplies. In short, with Egypt’s current projects and steps towards these improvements, the direction towards the 2030 Vision is well set and adequately pursued. CommScope can help Egypt on its journey to establishing a smart centralised hub through the appropriate connections and 5G solutions for enterprises in its smart cities,” he added.

Rabie also noted that demands in the Egyptian market are shifting from physical to digital at a highly accelerated rate. This is why network operators are focused on adapting to what will be the new normal and delivering better IT resilience. The business transformation occurring here allows Egypt to better migrate towards its desired smart city capital.

Furthermore, CommScope has begun enabling the local digital transformation and shift to smart applications and technologies. With that, it comes as no surprise that Internet of Things (IoT) implementation and the move to the cloud is accelerating, which ultimately requires seamless and faster internet. Meanwhile, the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) has plans for an allocated spectrum for 5G wireless services, he disclosed.

Additionally, he expects that network complexity will remain a priority with the increase in new technology, pointing out that CommScope does “see an opportunity for these networks to shine as they become more powerful and flexible.”

“Accordingly, we look forward to attending the Cairo Consultants Forum and learning more from our local industry colleagues.”

The Cairo Consultants Forum is a major forum that attracts senior ICT consultants with turnout in previous years, including many of the major players in technology attending and participating.

Moreover, the forum sheds light on the importance of digital transformation in order to achieve the goal of having smarter infrastructure which will, in turn, help the country’s vision of having a smart city capital.

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