GIG Egypt – Life Takaful to develop new services after signing cooperation protocol with Easy Business Solutions

Hossam Mounir
3 Min Read

GIG Egypt – Life Takaful recently signed a cooperation protocol with Easy Business Solutions (EBS) to develop the services offered to owners of small- and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs by providing new offers, insurance services, and non-financial solutions and services.

“This development in our company’s services comes in implementation of its strategy, which attaches great importance to the development of companies and projects by providing an integrated set of solutions specifically designed for entrepreneurs and owners of such projects, such as medical and life insurance at competitive prices and an outstanding level of service,” said Rabea Abdel Khaleq — Managing Director of GIG Egypt – Life Takaful.

“This coincides with the state’s efforts in the field of sustainability and financial inclusion by promoting the small and medium enterprises sector, improving economic indicators and increasing rates of economic development.” 

For his part, Ahmed Hesham — Chairperson and CEO of EBS — expressed his pride and happiness with this agreement, thanking GIG’s efforts in supporting medium and small enterprises.

“We at EBS believe that everyone in society has a role in developing the future of our country, and we believe that we possess the capabilities that allow us to develop and support the medium and small enterprises sector in a way that enables them to achieve their goals according to international standards and commensurate with their financial capabilities in a manner that serves the strategies of sustainability and financial inclusion set by the state,” he said.

“Accordingly, EBS offers a range of solutions that help medium and small enterprises develop their work during their journey, starting from having an idea for the project, passing through the mechanisms of implementation, and reaching the highest growing rates of profits.”

Through this agreement, clients of GIG can enjoy insurance packages designed specifically for owners of small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs and benefit from non-financial services provided by EBS such as company establishment services, legal advice, marketing consultancy, advertising, and recruitment and training services with a special discount of up to 30%.

It is worth noting that GIG has contracted with EBS to provide these services exclusively to GIG’s clients, as these services achieve successive successes by supporting owners of small- and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs.

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