Value of Egyptian exports to G7 countries increases by 64.9% during 2021 to record $9.8bn: CAPMAS

Hossam Mounir
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Data from the Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS) shows that the value of Egyptian exports to the G7 recorded $9.8bn in 2021, compared to 2020’s $6bn — an increase of 64.9%.

According to the agency, Italy came at the top of the list of G7 industrial countries importing from Egypt during 2021, as the value of Egypt’s exports to it amounted to $2.8bn, followed by the US with $2.5bn, then the UK with $1.2bn, France with $1.1bn, Germany with $848.2m, Canada with $825.9m, and finally Japan with $549.8m.

However, the value of Egyptian imports from the G7 increased to $17.7bn in 2021, compared to $16.4bn in 2020 — an increase of 7.8%.

According to the agency, the US topped the list of G7 countries exporting to Egypt during 2021, with US imports coming in at $6.1bn, followed by Germany at $4bn, Italy at $3bn, France at $1.7bn, the UK at $1.7bn, Japan at $935.9m, and finally Canada at $296.1m.

Furthermore, the agency indicated that the value of trade exchange between Egypt and the G7 increased to about $27.5bn, compared to $22.4bn — an increase of 23%.

Additionally, the value of remittances from Egyptians working in the G7 increased to $2.5bn in FY2020/21, compared to $1.9bn in FY2019/20 — an increase of 35.2%.

The US topped the list of G7 industrial countries in the value of remittances, with Egyptian expats wiring $1.4bn from the US, $687.5m from the UK, $130.7m from Germany, $126.1m from France, $115.6m from Canada, $95.2m from Italy, and $7.1m from Japan.

Also, the value of the investments of the G7 in Egypt recorded $19.9bn, up from $15.7bn — an increase of 27.3%.

The UK’s investments in Egypt recorded $9.8bn, the US $9.2bn, France $351.4m, Italy $277.7m, Germany $239.6m, Japan $48.5m, and finally Canada $19.3m.

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