Egypt is one of the largest growing countries in digitisation in Middle East: Micro Focus International

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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Kevin Leslie — Global Sales Manager at the Information Technology Operations Department in Micro Focus International — said that Egypt is one of the most growing countries in the Middle East and Africa in the field of digitisation.

This is in light of the Egyptian government’s adoption of the digital transformation process to enhance its competitive capabilities and provide a distinguished work environment for all business institutions.

This came in statements to Daily News Egypt on the side-lines of the company’s participation in the activities of the eighth session of the IDC CIO Summit in Egypt in the presence of Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat.

The company reviewed its latest technological solutions, which rely on AI and machine learning techniques to help businesses accelerate the digital transformation process and provide tools to build, operate, secure, and analyse data that bridges the gap between current and emerging technologies.

He added that Micro Focus — as a leading company with multiple experiences in driving digital transformation of companies — has been keen to display its latest integrated solutions, which include more than 300 diverse technology solutions on a platform chosen for prominent business leaders, influential IT chiefs, and industry analysts.

Leslie also said that the company played a pivotal role in providing the best applications, helping organisations adapt to various crises, and build resilient economies over the past years, especially as the region stands on the threshold of growth and increasing digital transformation.

For his part, Tawfik Derbas — the Managing Director for Middle East & Africa — said that post-COVID-19, the company was keen to promote the adoption of the concept of remote work by companies and business institutions to maintain the work cycle and employee productivity, and that the company is very proud of its flexibility and professionalism enjoyed by its employees, who have remained focused on providing assistance to clients and partners during this difficult time.

“We equally appreciate the mutual support of our clients and partners as most of our teams globally have been working from home over the past period and have been provided with tools and resources to support all of their comfort and productivity while working remotely, and we have multiple success stories in this field,” Derbas added.

Meanwhile, Abdel Hamid Hassan — Sales Manager at Micro Focus Egypt and Africa, said: “We have a commitment to adopt an integrated strategy to train human cadres and develop digital skills for young people by activating the ‘Micro Focus Inspire’ global programme, which aims to qualify and employ graduates, which is a commitment from us to make an impact. We have directed a large part of our societal efforts to focus on developing technological skills for young people.”

“We are convinced that countries — whether at the governmental or private level — must be equipped with the appropriate technical skills to survive and thrive to keep pace with the ever-accelerating digital future, social mobility, integration, and diversity, as our goal is to ensure that no one is left behind in the digital world.”

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