Sharm El-Sheikh will host African Sumo Championship

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Marzouk Ali, head of the Egyptian Judo Federation, has announced that Egypt will host the African Sumo Championship next August, in Sharm El-Sheikh.

Marzouk, who is also the head of the African Federation of Sumo, said that the tournament is scheduled to witness 8 teams from the continent.

He said: “The selection of Sharm El-Sheikh to host the tournament’s competition came in order to contribute to state efforts to stimulate tourism.”

The national judo team had recently completed its participation in the African Championships, which was held in Algeria, with the participation of a large number of teams.

During its participation in the continental championship, the judo team won four medals; one gold and three bronze.

Yousry Sami won the gold medal in the 60-kg competition, while the bronze medals were won by Abdul Rahman Abdul Ghani (81 kg), Ali Hazem (90 kg) and Mohamed Abdo (100 kg).

The national team participated in the tournament with a list of:


Yousry Sami (19 years old), Mohamed Abdul-Mawgod (28 years old), Omar Sami (23 years old), Ali Eid (27 years old), Abdul Rahman Abdul Ghani (24 years old), Ali Hazem (28 years old), Omar Al-Ramli (18 years old), and Mohamed Abdo (23 years old).


Nora Salem (20 years old), Tasnim Tamer (18 years old), Lamia Hassan (29 years old), Fatima Attia (18 years old), Afnan Yaqout (20 years old), and Farah Ali (19 years old).



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