Egypt keen to create a unified system for manufacturing artificial limbs, prosthetic devices

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Minister of Trade and Industry Nevine Gamea chaired on Tuesday the first meeting of the competent committee to put controls on the prosthetic devices and artificial limbs market.

According to a ministry statement, Gamea said that the meeting tackled the committee’s work tasks in light of presidential mandates of integrating efforts of all concerned parties with the aim of deepening local manufacturing in the field of orthotic and prosthetic devices, building national capacities for manufacturing and production, and coming up with a high-quality product at affordable prices.

This is in addition to providing training programmes for the use of those limbs according to the latest international standards.

The minister also noted that “this contributes to providing an integrated service for citizens with mobility disabilities to alleviate their suffering and help them integrate into all areas within society.”

Furthermore, she explained that the committee discussed the requirements that must be met in the artificial limbs market in Egypt in terms of manufacturing and supply chains.

She also noted that previously, the local market relied on importing these devices, which led to $48.6m being spent in 2020 on prosthetics.

The minister highlighted the importance of linking the needs of this important market with the outcomes of university education, especially the Faculties of Physiotherapy and Engineering, and work to develop sections of colleges or centres for graduation.

This is in addition to training technicians to maintain these devices, expand manufacturing, and provide after sale services for users of these devices.

Gamea further pointed out that the findings of the committee would be a good nucleus in the proposed national project for the establishment of a comprehensive industrial complex of prosthetic devices and artificial limbs that draws on international expertise and major international companies.

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