TV stars shine in Ramadan

Kadry Al-Haggar
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The TV drama marathon in Ramadan witnessed some brilliant acting this year that caught the eye and overwhelmed social media platforms. Over the days and nights of Ramadan, satellite channels and digital streaming platforms broadcasted many series, some of which quickly grabbed the attention of the audience. People followed some works with passion, some passed unnoticed, and others sparked controversy. In the following lines, we will talk about the TV stars who achieved great success in Ramadan.

Yasser Galal (Al Ekhteyar 3)

Egyptian actor Yasser Galal achieved great success in embodying the role of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi in Al Ekhteyar 3 series, which focused on the most difficult period that Egypt went through, the year the Muslim Brotherhood ruled Egypt until the outbreak of the 30 June 2013 revolution. The series presented the unannounced incidents and the heroic position of Al-Sisi at the time, when he was the Minister of Defence under the rule of the Brotherhood. President Al-Sisi had the greatest role in thwarting the now-illegal group’s scheme to destroy the country. Galal really amazed everyone with his performance.

Sabry Fawaz (Al Ekhteyar 3)

Egyptian actor Sabry Fawaz played the role of former president Mohamed Morsi. Fawaz showed great talent in embodying the character, presenting a different performance than his previous works. Fawaz exposed Morsi’s weakness and his subordination to the Brotherhood, which only cares about its interests and does not concern itself with the interests of Egypt.

Mai Ezz Eldin (Gizeeret Ghomam)

Egyptian actress Mai Ezz Eldin achieved great success through playing the character of “Al-Ayqa” in the series Gizeeret Ghomam, written by Abdel Rahim Kamal and directed by Hussein El Miniawy. Her acting in the series has been widely admired on social media, and her costumes and accessories grabbed the attention of everyone. “Al-Ayqa” was overpowered by her husband (played by Tarek Lotfy), who used her to reach his malicious purposes in controlling the island they live on.

Ahmed Amin (Gizeeret Ghomam)

Egyptian actor Ahmed Amin presented one of the best acting performances this year in the series “Gizeeret Ghomam”. He embodied the character of “Sheikh Arafat”, a simple man blessed with miracles and a pure heart that earns the love of children. His words captivated hearts and helped “Al-Ayqa” transform her life path. Amin presented a wonderful role full of feelings, purity, and kindness, a role that only a talented actor can perform. After several comedian roles, the character of “Sheikh Arafat” revealed the real talent of Amin. The character was a symbol of moderate Islam. This is why it earned the respect of everyone on social media.

Tarek Lotfy (Gizeeret Ghomam)

Another brilliant actor starring in the “Gizeeret Ghomam” series was Tarek Lotfy, who succeeded in presenting the difficult character of the gypsy leader “Khaldoun”. Playing the villain is not for everyone, Lotfy presented strong charisma and mysterious spirit that manifested in his bright eyes that were hiding an underlying danger all the time.

Amina Khalil (Al Aaedoun)

Egyptian actress Amina Khalil began to diversify her roles and showed her best this year through her role as one of the Egyptian General Intelligence officers in the series “Al Aaedoun”. The series talks about the Egyptian intelligence’s heroism in the past 10 years, especially in facing terrorist groups, most notably the ISIS organization, in addition to the Brotherhood. The character played by Amina appears to be a strong Egyptian girl who is doing her best to protect Egypt and its borders, despite the circumstances of her father’s illness and her strong attachment to him. The character is considered the ideal, true, and honest model for Egyptian women of all ages. In this role, Amina presented the true image of the Egyptian girl’s personality in contrast to the distorted and false character presented by other works currently.

Rahma Ahmed (El-Kebeir 6)

Egyptian young actress Rahma Ahmed was the most beautiful surprise this year. She attracted the attention of everyone by her role “Marbouha” in the sixth season of the series “El-Kebeir 6”. A lot of people appreciated her performance and received great praise on social media. Rahma started her acting career in the theatre, starring in many plays, mostly comedy.

Alaa Morsi (Malaf Serry)


Veteran Egyptian actor Alaa Morsi was also praised for his brilliance in embodying the character of “Fathi Al-Baltaji” in the series “Malaf Serry”, also starring Hani Salama and Tunisian Aisha bin Ahmed, written by Mahmoud Hajjaj, and directed by Hassan Al-Balassi. Alaa plays the character of a funny thief. He did not embody a role similar to this during his artistic career of more than a quarter of a century.

Hanan Mutawa (Wojooh)


Among the surprises of the Ramadan season was the role of played by Egyptian actress Hanan Mutawa in the series “Wojooh”. She proved to be a strong actress and able to perform all roles. “Wojooh” was one of the most wonderful series this year and grabbed the attention since its first episode, not only for its events but also for Hanan’s performance and creativity in presenting the character.

The series is split into two stories: Third Face and Metaverse. Third Face tells the story of a doctor who gets released from prison and goes on a quest to find her daughter while struggling with psychosis. On the other hand, Metaverse tells the story of a woman who enters the virtual world to take revenge against her enemies.

Minnah Shalabi (Bitlou’ Al Rouh)


Egyptian actress Minnah Shalabi excelled in her role in the series “Bitlou’ Al Rouh”. Her character was the main focus of events. Shalabi’s flexibility in presenting the transformations in the character of “Rouh”, an aristocratic, calm woman at first with a hesitant and shaky husband, whose normal life suddenly turned into a mess, when the husband joined ISIS. Shalabi was courageous to present a role that she knew well would stir controversy. She paid attention to the character’s small details, showing the internal bitterness while at the same time fighting harshly for a cause.

Ilham Shaheen (Bitlou’ Al Rouh)


Veteran Egyptian actress Ilham Shaheen starred in the series “Bitlou’ Al Rouh”, knowing that her role would receive the lion’s share of attack from the Brotherhood and its supporters. The role of “Umm Jihad” embodied the cruelty and violence of extremists mixed with jealousy and vendetta of a hatful woman. Certainly, Shaheen’s well-known stance against extremism helped her act brilliantly.

Ahmed Mekky (El-Kebeir 6)


The sixth season of “El-Kebeir” did not disappoint most of its fans who have been waiting for it since the previous season in 2015. The series’ star Ahmed Mekky captured the hearts of viewers who love the three characters he played in the series, from the first episode.

Riyad Al-Khouli (Gizeeret Ghomam)


The sharp features and strong structure of veteran actor Riyad Al-Khouli contributed to his mastery in the embodiment of an Upper Egyptian man, and even excellence in the performance of this character from the beginning of his artistic career until today. Riad Al-Khouli participated in dozens of works as the man residing in Upper Egypt, and each time he presented something new and a unique performance that the audience does not get tired of watching.

Ahmed Badir (Rageen Ya Hawa)


Ahmed Badir excelled in embodying the character of “Jaber Abu Al-Hana” in the series “Rageen Ya Hawa”, transforming the role from a mere secondary role to a primary character. Badir believes that the good role is the one that made influence, rather than appearing in every scene.

He said that he saw the series as a different experience for him, expressing his pride to star in one of late writer Osama Anwar Okasha’s works, with its depth and great details.

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