Egyptian-Spanish political relations are at their highest level: Spanish Ambassador

Nehal Samir
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Spain’s Ambassador to Cairo Ramón Gil Casares affirmed that Egyptian-Spanish political relations are at their highest level, which was reflected in the visit of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez last December to Cairo.

This came in a speech delivered by the ambassador at an iftar organised by the Spanish Embassy for representatives of the Egyptian press on Sunday in which Casares pointed to the growing bilateral economic relations and the volume of bilateral trade exchange, joint investments, and cooperation with Spanish companies in major Egyptian national projects that contribute to the country’s economic transformation, such as transportation and water resources management.

He also drew attention to the increasing interest on the part of the Egyptian people to learn the Spanish language, which is reflected in the increase in the number of Spanish language departments in Egyptian universities or the increase in the number of people enrolled in language courses at the Cervantes Institute, in addition to a common fondness for sports.

Furthermore, the ambassador highlighted two events organised by the embassy last year — namely the event of presenting the football dictionary in Arabic and Spanish in cooperation between the Cervantes Institute and the Spanish League.

While the second event is related to the Iberoamerica Film Festival in Cairo and Alexandria, which was held in cooperation with the embassies of Iberoamerica countries.

He explained that despite that the embassy organised many other cultural and economic events that showcase the advancement of the two countries’ bilateral relations, however, these two events were the most prominent.

Casares then thanked the Egyptian journalists for their interest in topics that reflect the Spanish reality and the nature of the good relations between the two countries.

He also said that journalistic work is a tool of great importance and is indispensable to bringing the Egyptian public opinion closer to the current situation in Spain as well as Egyptian-Spanish relations.

The ambassador concluded by expressing hope to continue this cooperation to provide the Egyptian public with an opportunity to learn about the changes taking place in Spain on the ground and the development of bilateral relations.

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