Crew rescued after Lebanese cargo ship capsized off Alexandria coast

Bassant Mohammed
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The Egyptian Navy rescued a crew of 10 people after their cargo ship capsized off Alexandria’s coast.

A report was released by the Alexandria Port Authority stating that the Lebanese cargo ship ‘AYLA’ sank while sailing from Libya to Alexandria, carrying a crew of 10 members, including nine Syrians and one Indian.

Orders were immediately issued from the Naval Forces Command to send the rescue ship ‘Al-Arish’ from the Alexandria Naval Base to provide assistance and rescue the crew.

The forces succeeded in rescuing the entire crew of the ship, providing the necessary medical and administrative care to them and handing them over to the competent authorities to take all legal measures.

The navy is responsible for safeguarding maritime security across ​​74,000 square miles in the Mediterranean and 40,000 square miles in the Red Sea, including access to the Suez Canal. 

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