Egypt’s Environment Minister discusses cooperation in energy sector with Baker Hughes Chairperson

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Egypt’s Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad met with Lorenzo Simonelli, the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Baker Hughes International Energy and Technology, to discuss bilateral cooperation in the field of environmentally compatible fuel and energy technology, the ministry said in a statement on Saturday.

During the meeting, Fouad stressed that the relationship between the environment and the petroleum sector has witnessed remarkable development at the national level as a result of cooperation between the Ministries of Environment and Petroleum and Mineral Resources.

Both ministries worked together to take the necessary measures to help this sector preserve and conserve natural resources, reduce the possibility of pollution, and encourage the private sector working in the field to adopt an approach that achieves a balance between preserving natural resources and expanding in the field of fuel and energy. 

The mutual dialogue between the two ministries over the past years has resulted in taking the necessary measures and environmental requirements in 11 locations in the Gulf of Suez region, and work is being done to reduce the gap between the public and private sectors in this field by developing technologies compatible with the environment to maintain water quality.

Fouad added that the petroleum sector is not an emission-intensive sector as its volume of emissions represents only 3% of Egypt’s total emissions, however, the ministries are interested in discussing ways to reduce the emissions of the sector by adopting the suitable technology.

For his part, Simonelli stressed his company’s continuous endeavours to develop and find technological solutions that are environmentally friendly.

He also presented examples and models of the company’s latest findings to support local and international companies in the field of energy, and ideas and technologies that can be used in the short and long term. 

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