Egyptian tourist’s average spending getting close to that of foreign counterpart

Nehal Samir
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Mohamed Osman, the Head of the Committee for the Promotion of Cultural Tourism in Luxor, said that the average spending of Egyptian tourists is approaching their foreign counterparts in the current winter season.

He explained that this winter season attracted many Egyptian families to visit the city of Luxor, where they carried out many tourist activities, such as hot-air balloon trips, which were very popular to the point of having several trips with only Egyptian customers, in addition to the demand for riding stagecoaches around the city and visiting various archaeological destinations.

Osman added that domestic tourism should be an essential component of the volume of tourism income.

He noted that the reopening of Luxor’s Avenue of Sphinxes attracted many segments of Egyptians, including families and youths. 

Furthermore, he pointed out that cultural tourism is one of the most important components in building Egyptian citizens’ character and raising their awareness of their homeland and developing their sense of belonging.

He explained that Luxor is witnessing great popularity, as many Egyptians are flocking to bazaars to buy the spices that the city is famous for and to buy hand-crafted souvenirs.

Osman added that the Committee for the Promotion of Cultural Tourism in Luxor recommended the necessity of adopting a plan to develop the domestic tourism movement, noting that the committee has adopted the slogan ‘Luxor is enlightened by Egypt’s daughters and sons.’

He also pointed out that Europe and various tourist destinations depend on domestic tourism during times of crisis, especially during the current pandemic, which helped them absorb its negative economic repercussions.

Furthermore, Osman said that the committee monitored the positive impact of infrastructure development in Luxor in attracting tourists by encouraging joint tourism programmes and attracting Egyptians.

He explained that the most prominent results of this is that Luxor will host 39 conferences in 2022, which could make Luxor the capital of conferences, adding that it is important to promote these conferences in order to attract investors to the city.

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