Hassan Allam Holding partners with CrowdStrike to provide cybersecurity solutions

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Hassan Allam Holding announced its partnership with CrowdStrike, the global cybersecurity company, in cooperation with GTS Egypt, to provide security software suitable for the company’s digital transformation.

The partnership will provide an advanced platform that can predict cyber-attacks and provide protection for the huge information network, which will enable it to achieve its business objectives effectively and efficiently.

Aly Kouriem, Group IT Director at Hassan Allam Holding, said that the company is proud of its partnership with CrowdStrike, a pioneer in the field of cybersecurity solutions, and GTS Egypt, which specialises in the field of communications and information technology. 

Kouriem added that this partnership stems from his company’s belief in the importance of taking proactive measures to secure their various businesses, which are increasing day after day, which requires the presence of the professional security coverage that will be provided through this cooperation.

He stressed that the increase in the company’s business volume increases the possibility of security attacks, and therefore they relied on the largest platform for various security solutions from CrowdStrike and GTS Egypt experts to ensure continuous follow-up and monitoring to analyse many security alerts and identify the compromised devices.

Crowd Strike proved its full confidence in the quality of its security solutions by giving Hassan Allam Holding a $1m insurance policy, and this is an exclusive service in the event of a breach.

Kouriem confirmed that the choice of Crowd Strike and GTS Egypt is ideal because of their great record of success with several institutions, such as banks, embassies, and major companies. 

The security platform is also characterised by the ability to predict and sense the problem before it occurs, as it analyses incoming data and enters it into the company’s data system if it is safe or prevents it if there is suspicion of danger.

For his part, Ibrahim Badawy, the Information Security Expert and Regional Sales Manager of Crowd Strike, said: “We are pleased with our partnership with Hassan Allam Group and our assistance in facing various security challenges to ensure the smooth running of the business.”

He added that the coronavirus pandemic and its repercussions that imposed remote work in many cases requires a safe environment to work amid the volume of information and data that people deal with via the internet and it is circulated between multiple devices.

CrowdStrike’s software also offers advanced solutions in addition to the ability to gather information about security threats, respond to security incidents, and provide a platform for analysing the behaviour of various security threats.

Furthermore, GTS Egypt will provide solutions in the company’s IT network infrastructure, integrated security, and value-added and high-quality services, enabling the company to achieve its business objectives. 

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