Egyptian state pays great attention to water projects, integrating seawater desalination strategy: Metito

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Karim Medawar, the Managing Director of Metito Africa Group

Karim Medawar, the Managing Director of Metito Africa Group, stated that the Egyptian state has allocated hundreds of billions to implement an ambitious plan, the largest in the Middle East, to develop huge water projects with the integration of the seawater desalination strategy within Egypt’s 2030 Vision.

Medawar said that Egypt is working to carry out many new projects to develop and operating projects for water desalination, sewage treatment, and agricultural drainage treatment and recycling in support of the state’s policy for rational water management with the possibility of using alternative and renewable energy in these projects to reduce environmental footprint and the cost of consumed energy.

“These projects achieve the sustainability of natural resources and the distribution of stations to different places throughout the republic according to demand and need, and then provide clean water and sanitation services in all regions. In addition to enhancing water security by reducing dependence on the Nile River and securing alternative sources of water, especially in coastal areas through the establishment of stations for Seawater desalination,” Medawar said.

“Egypt has been keen to involve Egyptian companies with global and local expertise in mega projects as part of the state’s strategy to support and benefit from the expertise and capabilities of the private sector and make them part of its comprehensive development plan that is taking place in a large and rapid way in Egypt.

He further noted that Egypt represents 20% of Metito’s business in Africa and intends to increase that percentage by participating in infrastructure projects being implemented by the government in the sectors of electricity, roads, tunnels, and ports, as well as water stations.

Metito has also participated in the development of a number of national development projects in light of the expansion of urban communities that need water, especially new cities built by the sea, where it is better to set up desalination plants in them instead of extending water lines from the branches of the Nile, he elaborated.

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