Foreign Minister participates in Egyptian-American Virtual Forum on Climate Change

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Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry, the President-Designate for the 27th session of the Climate Change Conference (COP 27), participated in the opening session of the Egyptian-American Virtual Forum on Climate Change that was organised by the American Chamber of Commerce under the title ‘Building Momentum to COP 27.’

US Presidential Climate Envoy John Kerry also attended the forum. 

Ahmed Hafez, the Official Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated that Shoukry indicated during the session Egypt’s intention to build on the momentum that was achieved during the COP 26 in Glasgow and to invest in the political will expressed by all parties during it. 

This comes as part of a shift from the stage of pledges to the stage of actual implementation of commitments in accordance with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, and to strengthen international action to confront climate change at all levels. 

Shoukry added that the COP 27 in Egypt will be a turning point in the field of international climate action, affirming that Egypt will be keen during its upcoming presidency of the conference to put forward the priorities of the African continent in confronting climate change. 

He pointed out that the African continent suffers more than others from the negative repercussions of climate change, expressing Egypt’s aspiration to consolidate international efforts related to climate finance, as it is the main determinant of developing countries’ ability to fulfil their commitments. 

He added that the Egyptian presidency will also seek to exert more efforts and take actual steps in terms of measures aiming to reduce emissions that caused climate change, urging countries to enhance their nationally determined contributions in accordance with the Paris Agreement. 

The Minister also commended the US’ return to playing an active role in global efforts to address climate change, and its willingness to engage positively with various parties on relevant issues. He also noted the role played by the private sector and American companies in addressing the consequences of climate change and promoting investment in the fields of new and renewable energy and the green economy. 

In this context, Shoukry expressed his aspiration to continue this approach during the coming period, and to continue consultation and coordination with the US during the current year, which is witnessing the celebration of the centenary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

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