Cairo University establishes largest medical complex for children in Middle East

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The Cairo University is implementing the largest medical complex for children in the Middle East at a cost of EGP 3.4bn. 

The complex is complementary to the pediatrics units in Qasr Al-Ainy Hospitals, increasing the bed capacity by more than 300 beds, including intensive care beds and nurseries.

The complex will be built in 6th of October city, and consists of the main hospital building, a hotel for patients’ families, a training centre, nursing institute, and housing for doctors and medical workers. 

The complex also includes 10 operating rooms equipped with the latest medical equipment distributed in two wings, including one room for one-day operations, four rooms distributed between general operating rooms, cardiac catheterization and endoscopy, and five operating rooms for surgery, heart, chest, brain, nerves and orthopedics, and a special operating room for the emergency department. 

The complex will also have 10 intensive care units serving about 90 patients. 

It includes a large number of rare medical specialties represented in 14 groups of specialties in the outpatient clinics, with 44 clinics with their attachments, including outpatient clinics for all pediatric specialties such as strabismus, genetics, collagen, catheterization, heart, chest, brain, neurology, liver, general surgery, plastic surgery, urology, ophthalmology and sound waves.

President of Cairo University, Mohamed Elkhosht, received a report on Sunday about the national project for developing Qasr Al-Ainy hospitals to provide medical services for hospital patients, which exceeds about 3 million patients annually. About 65% of the development process has been implemented with a total value of EGP 1.1bn. 

According to the report, the entire renovation and development of the emergency and reception hospital was completed. Al-Khasht emphasized that the renovation work that is taking place in Cairo University hospitals aim to improve the health services provided to citizens.  

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