Italy opens a new window for cooperation with Arab and African companies

Mohamed Farag
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Rome- The “Ecomondo” and “Key Energy” conference and exhibition, organized by the IEG Italian Exhibition Group, wrapped up in Rimini, with the attendance of more than 1,000 companies working in the fields of renewable energy, waste recycling, hydrogen, electric vehicles and water desalination.

The Arab and African representatives had a prominent presence, as delegates of Egypt, Morocco, Kenya and Côte d’Ivoire were present in a pavilion dedicated to them at the main entrance to the conference and exhibition, and 13 Egyptian women attended the conference and exhibition.

In his opening speech, Lorenzo Cagnoni, President of the IEG Italian Exhibition Group, said that the conference discusses the challenges facing the expansion of renewable energy, hydrogen, sustainable cities and smart transportation projects.

The companies participating in the exhibition also reviewed the best solutions and innovations they have reached to serve the circular economy and achieve sustainability.

In the opening session of the conference, a study prepared by the Milan Polytechnic Energy Strategy Group was presented. It explained the opportunities associated with the urban economy, which may reach more than $64bn, and provide 132 thousand jobs.

New developments from offshore wind, solar cells, hydrogen and climate strategies were discussed at the conferences organized by the Scientific Committee of the Conference chaired by Gianni Silvestrini.

The number of hours of discussions and seminars held at the conference amounted to more than 500 hours, during which consultations were held on investments in Africa and Europe and ways to transition to a circular economy, reducing emissions and preserving the environment.

Clearly, the benefits of decarbonization far exceed the need to respond to climate change and extend to the stability and cost-competitiveness of energy supplies, at a time when rising fossil fuel prices are a cause for concern.

The switch to renewable energy sources is the most effective structural solution to escape the problem of high prices.

Alessandro Marangoni, CEO of Althesys, said that the current rise in energy prices is mainly caused by the cost of gas being three times higher than it was before the coronavirus pandemic.

He explained that the rise in prices will translate into inflation and slow down the economic recovery, and the industry could suffer a blow by stopping some projects.

Morocco expressed its ambition to become a leader in the field of sustainable development and the green economy, expressing its commitment to addressing the challenges of climate change at the “Green Growth Africa” ​​forum, which was held within the activities of the “Ecomondo” and “Key Energy” conference and exhibition.

During the forum, the Moroccan ambassador in Rome, Youssef Balla, said: “Morocco can reach its goal of producing 50% of its electricity needs through renewable energy.

Said Mouline, Director General of the Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency, explained that Morocco has been committed for several years to sustainable development, and has developed a plan to produce clean energy and reduce emissions.

Rwanda, Kenya and Botswana also presented their experience in implementing renewable energy projects, as well as their future plan to expand stations and produce hydrogen.

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