French-Lebanese singer Eliz Murad releases love song on Beirut Port blast’s 1st anniversary

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Everyone in the Middle East was affected by the tragic Beirut Port blast in August 2020. It was met by an outpouring of love and support for Beirut and the Lebanese people.

French-Lebanese artist Eliz Murad was also deeply impacted by the horrific incident. She released a new song, called “Beirut”, to mark the first anniversary of the incident. All proceeds of the song will be donated to the Live Love Beirut association.

“Musically, ‘Beirut’ is a kind of powerful lullaby for adults and a tribute for this town and country that is a real burden for the Lebanese. Even abroad, love and hate is in Beirut’s air and DNA,” said Murad.

“I would like to offer the Lebanese people a gift, a lullaby to soothe this day which will be difficult,” she added. “Beirut is a phoenix city a thousand times destroyed, and a thousand times rebuilt. Music is a personal way to soothe wounds and help us move forward by always staying connected to each other.”

The song is influenced by English, French, and Lebanese music. The track slowly builds, thanks to a simple guitar line and Eliz’s heartfelt vocals, creating a neat metaphor for how the city can recover and come to life again.

“Beirut” is the first single in Eliz Murad’s album “Apocalypsna” which is set to be released on 10 September.

Murad was born in France to two Lebanese parents. She grew up with a dual culture which has enriched her imagination since childhood. That dual culture included music: where she discovered Fayrouz, Asmahan, Majda El Roumi from her mother’s radio. She discovered Tina Turner and Nirvana on her own. Those discoveries led to her buying a bass guitar and learning music.

She knew from an early age that she wanted to mix the Arabic verses with rock music energy and create a bridge between all the music genres and universes that are one in her head.

After 10 years as “Teleferik” band’s lead singer and bass player, Eliz left the group. She is now an author, composer, and singer.

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