From now on, taxpayers must disclose unified tax number when advertising goods: Finance Minister

Daily News Egypt
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Egypt’s Minister of Finance Mohamed Maait has issued a decision stating taxpayers must disclose their unified tax registration number when announcing goods, services, and other taxable activities.

The announcement will be an essential and mandatory component of the advertisement, so that taxpayers can avoid tax evasion.

Moreover, advertising companies may not deal with the financiers or taxpayers requesting the advertisement, except through the tax card or the registration certificate which shows the unified tax registration number. In this case, the unified tax registration number must be mentioned and included on the advertisement form for the good or service.

A statement by the Ministry of Finance indicated that when making any of these announcements, establishments and companies must write down the unified tax registration number of the taxpayer on the papers dealing with the taxpayer and on the advertisements.

In all cases, the taxpayer must provide the taxpayer’s unified tax registration number in a clear and legible manner.

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