Government launches tender for dry port, logistics centre in 10th of Ramadan city

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Egypt’s Minister of Finance Mohamed Maait has announced that a tender to establish a dry port and logistics centre in 10th of Ramadan City will be offered on Tuesday.

He said that the offering implements presidential directives to maximise the private sector’s participation in development projects, in cooperation with the Ministry of Transportation.

The ​​250 feddan project will be launched in partnership with the private sector, so that its assets will be owned by the General Authority for Land and Dry Ports after the expiry of its term.

The minister said that dry ports are important tools for stimulating the investment environment and improving Egypt’s ranking in international business performance indicators. 

They contribute to reducing the time for customs to release goods, and prevent the accumulation of containers, and as a result reducing the prices of goods and services in local markets.

He added that the private sector is the main engine of economic growth, through its financing of infrastructure projects and public utilities that create hundreds of thousands of job opportunities for graduates. 

This improves the standard of living of citizens and the public services provided to them, with many countries having succeeded in accelerating the pace of growth through partnership with the private sector.

Maait pointed out that the Public Private Partnership (PPP) unit at the Ministry of Finance provides all ministries and agencies with technical support. This helps them in studying and structuring projects for offering in a partnership system with the private sector. This in turn contributes to achieving development and economic goals.

For his part, Minister of Transport Kamel El-Wazir confirmed the signing of a contract for the construction of the first dry port in Sixth of October City, in partnership with the private sector.

This has prompted preparations to launch nine projects in partnership with the private sector in the field of dry ports and regions, logistics, docks and seaports. 

The Ministry of Transportation, with technical support from the Ministry of Finance, submitted it to the Higher Committee for Partnership with the Private Sector, headed by Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly. 

On 1 June, it approved proceeding with its preparation for the offering, with the service scheduled to enter the first phase in October of this year.

El-Wazir said that his ministry is working to extend the railway network to dry ports, ahead of the scheduled date for operation, to ensure smooth movement of goods.

The minister said that the next stage, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, will witness the expansion of transport projects in the partnership system with the private sector. This aims to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development.

It falls in line with presidential directives to develop this vital facility in accordance with the highest levels of quality and international technical standards. Moreover, Egypt has made great strides in raising the efficiency of the infrastructure, including roads, ports, tunnels, and others, which are a top priority for the government as investment locomotives.

Tangible efforts are made to develop the land, sea and railway transportation system to serve goods transport as one of the main tools to raise growth rates sustainably.

Ater Hanoura, Head of the Ministry of Finance’s PPP Unit, said that the ministry is keen on enhancing ways of cooperation with all ministries and authorities. This is through the implementation of projects in the system of partnership with the private sector. It seeks to accelerate development and alleviate the burdens on the state’s general budget.

He pointed out that Maait addressed all ministries to provide updates on projects to be implemented during the next phase and any preliminary studies needed. 

He noted that the Ministry of Transportation was the first ministry to respond positively in this regard, which resulted in approving nine projects, including the dry port and the logistics centre in the 10th of Ramadan City.

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